Comments are a major part of Green Car Reports, and we think they're one of the reasons we've attained a surprisingly large and diverse audience of readers.

But to stay useful, all comments have to be moderated—which is something our tiny staff spends a great deal of time on.

We respond to all comments flagged as inappropriate, and inspect all live links before they're posted.

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Still, a few commenters among the many have particular axes to grind, and it's possible that their posts repeatedly strike the same notes while staying well within our guidelines.

Often those commenters get into back-and-forth spats with other readers.

Let's just say we see some of the same debates over and over and over again. (Fuel cells, COUGH.)

2015 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell, 2016 Toyota Mirai at hydrogen fueling station, Fountain Valley, CA

2015 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell, 2016 Toyota Mirai at hydrogen fueling station, Fountain Valley, CA

More than one has asked whether it's possible for them to suppress all posts from a specific commenter.

And under the Disqus system we use, that wasn't previously possible—and we responded to those questions by saying so, with regrets.

Now, however, it turns out Disqus has added that capability, so now in fact it has become possible for you to suppress any comments from a particular user.

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The process is described on a Disqus blog post that describes User Blocking, and offers advice about it.

Read the post to understand how to do it and what the implications are. Using the dropdown menu to the upper right of each comment is probably the easiest way.

We do feel compelled to add our own notes of caution here, however.

Green Car Reports comments using new Disqus system

Green Car Reports comments using new Disqus system

It's understandable that dedicated readers may want to ignore comments from one or more specific users whose points of view and repetitive comments are by now thuddingly well known.

But doing so may pose two problems.

First, long discussion threads and subthreads may not make much sense if one participant's posts vanish.

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Second, and more important, suppressing points of view leads to the "echo dome," so notably enabled by digital media, that is one cause of the presently deadlocked national political system in the U.S.

We think it's good for everyone, especially partisans, to be exposed to polite and well-argued points of view they may not agree with.

In other words, if you suppress a particular commenter, please do so lightly—and with careful consideration beforehand.

[hat tip: Xiaolong Li]


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