Don't be fooled by the title.

It may well read "Mazda Hazumi concept", but Mazda has played this game before. Just as Minagi begat Mazda CX-5 and Takeri begat Mazda6, the Hazumi is essentially the next-generation Mazda2.

As you can see from our live Geneva Motor Show photos, the Hazumi--and therefore the next Mazda2--is quite a looker.

There's a hint of the old 2 about its proportions, particularly in profile and from the rear. But the front follows on from Mazda's other recent production models, and all over you'll find details inspired by Mazda's "Kodo - soul of motion" design language.

There are sweeping curves, delicate details and Mazda's now-traditional five-point front grille. Production Mazda2s probably won't ride on alloys quite as large, nor have headlights quite as intricate, but many of the details you see here should remain--they did on the CX-5 and Mazda6.

Another detail likely to remain is the car's powerplant, though whether it'll reach U.S. shores is another matter entirely.

Under the hood you'll find a 1.5-liter Skyactiv diesel engine, which should place it among Europe's most efficient diesel vehicles.

Mazda is promising CO2 emissions of less than 90 grams per kilometer, which equates to 69 mpg on the European cycle. These numbers are always higher than their EPA equivalents, but even subtracting 20 percent still results in a 55 mpg figure--entirely plausible.

Mazda's usual Skyactiv tricks remain, meaning a low-for-a-diesel compression ratio and a clean burn--Euro 6-compatibility, with low particulate matter and other emissions, is a given. And Mazda says the engine will offer "dynamic performance" too, so it should be fun to knock around the city in.

The concept includes Mazda's i-ACTIVSENSE accident-mitigation systems and MZD Connect, an infotainment package that hooks up to your smartphone. The latter means you can use your own apps through the car's system, and dedicated hardware modules are available for different phones.

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