Today on Green Car Reports: Copyright struggles mean Tesla is selling under a pseudonym in China, BMW gives us a look at its laser headlights, and one company wonders whether electric cars have reached a tipping point. All this and more on Green Car Reports

With another company owning the Tesla name in China, Tesla Motors has picked "Tu Su Le". Same car, just a different name.

BMW is really pushing the technology on its i8 plug-in hybrid sports coupe. Here's a look at what the car's laser headlights will offer drivers.

Have electric cars reached a tipping point where their popularity will snowball? Technology and energy firm ABB thinks they might.

Shock news: You can buy an all-electric SRT Viper, right now. There is a "small" catch, however...

Looking for a greener way to power your Christmas tree lights? Nissan might have found the answer with a rather familiar vehicle.

Are Democrats better drivers than Republicans? The Car Connection takes a look at some of the findings of a recent survey.

And in the spirit of the festive season, a very merry Christmas to all our readers!


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