Today on Green Car Reports: Tesla Model S owner David Noland updates us on life with his car, we respond to a reader about Honda Civic gas mileage, and Fisker files for bankruptcy. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

What's Toyota's biggest hybrid? That'd be the diesel-electric Hino 195h...

Tesla Motors may have had a rough week last week, but at least Model S owners still love their cars.

Talking of the Model S, we always enjoy hearing how David Noland is getting on with his example--his latest report can be found here.

Not happy with your gas mileage? One Honda Civic-driving reader wasn't. Here's why you should study the EPA numbers carefully.

Does Fisker's bankruptcy mean bad news? Perhaps not--but will things get better?

BMW reveals its latest electric car, based on the X1 crossover. But it's China-only. And doesn't wear a BMW badge...

Hydrogen is expanding. Well, the vehicles that offer it are--we look at Honda, Toyota and Hyundai's efforts.

And finally, on Motor Authority, Mitsubishi is delaying its Evo performance models--to focus on electric cars.


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