General consensus is that Cadillac's range-extended ELR coupe is too expensive.

At $75,995, they may have a point--that's a lot of extra dough for a car based on the $34,995 Chevrolet Volt. So the best thing to do to draw attention to the ELR would be to make it cheaper, right?

Not exactly. At $89,500, the 2014 Saks Fifth Avenue ELR--developed in collaboration with the upmarket department store chain--takes an overpriced car and turns it into a ludicrously-priced one.

You'd have to really want the extra exclusivity of the Saks tag to pay that sort of money for Caddy's greenest offering. You could opt for a healthily-optioned Tesla Model S Performance at that sort of cash, and while it may lack the Cadillac's heritage and extended-range abilities, you'd get a lot more speed and a great deal more space for your money.

So what does your near-$90K actually get you? An ELR finished in an exclusive White Diamond exterior finish, for a start--one you won't find on any other ELR.

There's also a choice of a Jet Black or Light Cashmere interior shade. And while regular ELR owners would have to pay a good $3,000 to have a 240-volt charging station professionally installed, Saks Fifth Avenue buyers get one thrown in.

Pushing the exclusivity angle further, owners will also get their own "ELR Concierge Representatives". Cadillac calls them "an additional point of contact beyond the customer’s Cadillac dealer" for all aspects of the car, including charging, battery care, service scheduling, news and updates.

It's all part of Saks' holiday season festivities, including a 2015 Escalade window display and a selection of Cadillac-themed events set to run at stores worldwide over the holiday season.

The events will be enjoyed by thousands but just 100 people will get their hands on the extra-glitzy ELR. Objectively, there's no way it can be worth that much--but would you pay Model S money for an ultra-exclusive ELR?


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