If you think about it, the Tesla Model S comes close to being the ideal tow vehicle for lighter loads.

It's large, weighty and stable at speed. It's rear-drive, for good traction. And it has plenty of torque. If those aren't good tow car characteristics, we don't know what are.

Now, one company has made use of those characteristics and offers a trailer hitch kit for the Model S.

Torklift Central's trailer hitch doesn't even require drilling, and remains remarkably well hidden below the rear bumper--so the sleek lines of the Model S won't be spoiled by its installation.

As the video above shows, the kit attaches using the original mounting holes for the rear crash structure on the Model S, and just a small part of the bar emerges from beneath the bumper when installed.

The company says it's rated at 200 lbs tongue weight and 2,000 lbs of weight carrying, though does absolve itself from responsibility if the Model S handbook advises against towing--something owners will have to check before buying such a kit for their cars.

2-inch and 1.25-inch versions are available, each costing $349.95, and fitting instructions are provided.

Now you just have to find a trailer that won't reduce the Model S's range or performance too much...

[Hat tip: John C. Briggs]


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