The mobile phone has quietly become a remarkable device, fully integrated into social media and content sharing among millions of people.

If you haven't already heard of the photo-sharing app Instagram, you may soon.

Now you can see photos from Green Car Reports on Instagram as well--mostly photos taken while we're on road tests, at launch events, or otherwise out of the office and seeing something cool.

Instagram is primarily an app for smartphones: You download it from the iTunes Store or the Android Play Store, set up an account, and you're off and running.

Like other social media, you follow other users whose photos you're interested in.

For us, it's simple: Our Instagram user name is (not unexpectedly) GreenCarReports.

The app gives you a constantly updated feed of the latest photos from the people you follow.

At the moment, we may go several days without posting photos, then upload a flurry of our best shots and memorable moments when we're out driving.

The shot in the photo above, for instance, was taken at dusk on a drive of new 2014 Subaru Forester XT crossovers en route to Cape Town, South Africa.

Even if you don't have the Instagram app on your mobile phone, you can see all the same photos on the web, just by visiting Green Car Reports at Instagram.

Right now, Green Car Reports has only a few hundred followers on Instagram.

We've got thousands on Facebook and on Twitter, so please download the app, come visit, and follow us on Instagram as well.

See you there!


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