Generally, we'd advise that hitting a pedestrian with your car is something to best avoid.

However, if worst came to worst, it'd be nice to know their chances of survival are as high as possible.

That's the idea behind the latest unique creation from Japan, a soft, air-filled cusion car, hitting our screens via Autoblog.

Never has being struck by a car looked so darn comfortable--at low speed at least, it looks no more risky than falling onto your newly-made bed.

Constructed by students at Japan's Hiroshima University, the electric iSAVE-SC1 would certainly quell fears from pedestrians about silent electric cars.

Not that they'd be at much risk of getting hit in the first place--guffaws from pedestrians further up the street would draw their glance long before you approached. And you'd take a while to get there--top speed is only 20 mph.

The video's victims don't seem too perturbed by the bed-car bashing into their shins, which also suggests another benefit--ding-free parking bumps.

Scrapes would be a thing of the past, though we can foresee every cat within a fifteen-mile radius of your house using it as a giant scratching post.

Naturally, it isn't a street-usable idea, and even if it was you probably wouldn't pay the suggested $9,300 for such a humiliating vehicle.

But with some cars now offering hood airbags to protect unlucky pedestrians, it's feasible that some of the technology you see here could find its way onto a production car.


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