We've previewed it, we've driven the prototype, and now we can bring you live photos of the 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV.

Chevy has turned its smallest offering into an electric car, and while there was some initial debate over whether it was a compliance car, the finished product appears anything but.

At a glance it looks much like any other Spark, but the devil is in the details.

Chevrolet has improved the car's aerodynamics, adding over two miles to the EV's range, compared to a standard Spark body. Easiest to spot is the new, Volt-like covered grille, but other subtle changes also help it slip through the air.

Inside, the Spark EV is much like the regular, gasoline-powered car, but two new TFT displays replace the Spark's standard instruments, providing data on the car and access to the EV's wealth of infotainment systems.

Chevy is confident it will offer one of the longest ranges in its class, and an optional SAE Combo DC Fast Charger could be an attractive option.

Priced from $32,500 pre-incentives it isn't the cheapest electric car on the market, but Chevy is proud of its baby--now it just needs people to buy them.

For more photos and reveals from the L.A. Auto Show, check out our dedicated show page--and keep your eyes peeled for more launches tomorrow.


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