Hey Chevy, listen up: Aliens in electric car ads don't have to be annoying--just ask Smart.

The maker of diminutive city cars has ditched all references to performance, specifications and efficiency in its latest ad (via Autoblog) for the third-generation Fortwo Electric Drive, instead giving us a one-minute cinematic experience.

We'll let you watch it all the way through rather than giving away the ending, but it's certainly a unique, funny way to promote the car.

The car itself isn't bad either, and you can read why in our recent first drive report.

Smart has made several changes to the car in its third generation, not least giving it the performance to mix with hectic city traffic. It's better than the regular Fortwo, too--thanks to the electric motor's seamless power delivery, banishing the see-saw rocking that punctuates every gearchange in the normal car.

The third-generation Electric Drive will be available in six to eight months from now, and for the first time, you'll be able to buy as well as lease.

Prices start from $25,750 before federal and local incentives, which will make it the least expensive electric car on sale in the U.S.

In the meantime, have fun watching the advert. Intelligent life may be more common than you think...


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