If you drive an electric or plug-in car and drive to work every day in it, you’ve probably given the topic of workplace charging stations some thought. 

Convincing your boss to shell out company cash for a charging station might not be that easy, but now charging station provider ChargePoint wants to help you sweeten the deal through its new JumpStart program.

Until Monday, October 15, 2012, ChargePoint says it will give away a free charging station and offer discounted installation costs to any company looking to install electric car charging stations for its employees and visitors.

Interested companies must be new customers to ChargePoint, have a minimum of 50 employees at the location where the charging station will be installed, and make telephone or online application by October 15. 



Once approved, ChargePoint will give applicants a free CT2100 charging station. Capable of level 1 and level 2 charging, it will also come with the software needed to offer free or pay-as-you-go charging to employees and customers at the company’s discretion. 

As ChargePoint is keen to mention, any company who signs up using its scheme will be in good company: Google, Dell, Symantec, AMD, Adobe, 3M, Netflix, and SAP are all listed as current customers of the charging station provider. 

If you think all of that is enough to convince your company to put in an electric car charging station for you and your coworkers to use, make sure you act quickly: you’ve only got one month to apply for a free charging station. 


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