Nissan announced today the next generation of its global subcompact, the Note, due to go on sale in Japan this September and Europe in 2013.

Nissan North America has now followed that news by announcing that the next Versa hatchback will use the same platform, and echo many of the Note's styling cues.

Few details are available at the moment, but Nissan confirms that the Versa will use the company's global V-Platform, but "embrace features tailored to its markets in North and South America". The new car may well share similar proportions to the Asian-market Tiida shown at Shanghai, with styling details from the new Note.

The new Note will be built in factories in Japan and the U.K, but Nissan hasn't yet announced where the American versions are to be made--likely Mexico, where the current Versa is produced.

Nissan is claiming class-leading fuel efficiency for the new Note, with advancements in aerodynamics, lightweight technology and advanced engine technology.

It isn't yet known what engines the U.S.-market Versa will use, but in Japan and Europe the Note range will include a 1.2-liter Miller-cycle supercharged three-cylinder, already used in the current Nissan Micra/March.

Meanwhile, Nissan is updating the Versa sedan for 2013. The updated car is expected to achieve EPA highway figures of 40 MPG, and joins the strong-selling Versa range, which currently occupies over 20 percent of the segment's sales.


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