We're allowing ourselves to get a little excited over the Rimac Concept_One, a 1,088-horsepower electric supercar from Croatia.

Okay, so with a price tag only just on the right side of $1 million and only 88 ever set to hit the road, it's not a realistic proposition for many, but like the Tesla Roadster or Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell, it's living, breathing proof that electric cars can be more than just appliances for those who don't really like cars.

That's why it's great to see Rimac's video of a Concept_One squealing its way around a track--burning rubber, going sideways, and doing things that get people excited about gasoline-powered supercars.

It also reassures us that the car is much more than a static display to be wheeled out at auto shows, never to touch a public highway.

You get to see the sleek styling in action, and witness the tire-shredding abilities of huge electric-powered torque--enough for a sub-3 second 0-62 mph time.

You can read more details about the Rimac Concept_One here, but in the meantime, click play on the video above to enjoy the sights and sounds of a zero-emission supercar.


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