Most magazines and countries have their own 'Car of the Year' awards, but the accolade of 'World Car of the Year' is undoubtedly the most presigious.

This year, Volkswagen's diminutive up! minicar has won the title, as judged by 66 top automotive journalists from around the world, and beating 33 other nominees in the process. The honor was announced at the 2012 New York International Auto Show.

Vehicles are judged on merit, value, safety, environmental impact, significance and emotional appeal, and the up! scored highly on all counts.

We're certainly not surprised--after driving the up! last month we came away highly impressed. It wasn't just the most comfortable small car we've driven in a long time, but also fun to drive and effortlessly economical--after a morning of spirited driving, the on-board computer was showing over 40 mpg.

Volkswagen Chairman Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn explained why the up! was victorious: "This award shows once again that in the up! our designers and engineers have created a vehicle that has been thought through in minute detail. A vehicle that sets standards in its class for efficient use of space, safety, motoring fun and environmental compatibility."

Unfortunately, the up! won't be available in the U.S, making this one World Car of the Year that isn't quite available all around the world...


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