Tesla Motors has a bit of a problem: It needs to keep itself in the public eye between its last electric Roadster and next summer, when its 2012 Model S electric sports sedan is scheduled to arrive.

Toward that end, the company has been publishing regular updates on the new car on its blog.

2013 Tesla Model S exclusive spy shots

2013 Tesla Model S exclusive spy shots

The latest, posted last week, is an interview with chief designer Franz von Holzhausen and program director Jerome Guillen, in which they discuss the challenges and opportunities of a designing a brand-new mid-size luxury sedan around an all-new powertrain.

We won't excerpt the whole thing here, but below are some of our favorite quotes.

  • The "awesome door handles" will only "present themselves when passengers approach the car," or at least that's the plan
  • The charging port will be located toward the rear of the car, on the driver's side, and will look "nothing like a traditional fuel door"
  • There will be no spare wheel-tire combination, except where it's required by law; instead, the Model S will have a tire inflator kit
  • Windows will be frameless, with a short drop to free them when the door opens
  • No tow-bar or trailer hitch will be offered on the 2012 Model S

You can read the entire interview at the link below.

[Tesla Motors blog]