Something popped into my head recently when I thought of recalls; it is a verse from a popular Salt-n-Pepa song modified. “Yo, Pep, I don't think they're gonna play this on the radio. And why not? Everybody has recalls.” And no truer words have been spoken and not even manufacturers with impeccable records like Honda can avoid the odd recall. In this case, the most recent recall from the Honda camp is for the 2006-2007 Honda Civic Hybrids.

The recall is specifically for the DC-to-DC converter, which for those that are unfamiliar with a hybrid powertrain is an integral part of the Integrated Motor Assist hybrid control system. The failure of the converter could result in the stalling of the engine or the failure of the headlights. The good news for Honda is that no crashes or injuries have been reported with this recall issue. The bad news is that it doesn’t do much for the perception that hybrid vehicles have overly complex systems that are bound to fail. To be fair, the hybrid system isn’t all that different than when the first generators were placed into cars. Those generators failed and lead to the development of alternators.

The recall is expected to effect 36,656 Honda Civic Hybrid vehicles and Honda has said they will begin contacting owners on March 18, 2011—almost two weeks from now. If you are looking to find out whether your car is affected by the recall, then check out or call 1.800.999.1009 and choose option 4.


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