General Motors is quite proud of their 2011 Chevrolet Volt and they have a perfect right to be. The Volt is changing the way consumers view electric vehicles and it helping to change the adoption rate even if the Volt isn’t quite completely powered by electricity. A case in point is a recent story posted to the GM FastLane Blog. The story is about 84-year-old James Brazell and his early adoption of the Volt for his everyday use.

Brazell isn’t what we would call your typical 84-year-old, especially not when it comes to embracing new technology or the changing of times. Proof of that point is that he has taken delivery of his brand new Chevrolet Volt from a rollout market in Virginia and has now been written in the history books as one of the first 500 Volt owners. So you might be asking yourself when he decided he was going to buy a Volt and it might surprise you to know that he has been waiting almost three years. Back in August 2008 is when he placed his order with a $1000 deposit to hold the first Volt Ashville Chevrolet was going to have available.

Brazell drives 30 miles per day and should be able to stay on the electric power most of the time. Maybe this actually does make him your typical 84-year-old, one that uses his knowledge and experience to make the best decisions. Think he is excited about his new purchase? Check out the video below to see for yourself.




[Source: GM FastLane Blog]