The automotive industry can be like a good telenovela—lots of teasers and to be continued endings. That is exactly what we have on our hands right now with the latest images released by Ford. What do they depict? The all-new 2012 Ford Focus Electric. What do we know for sure? Only tidbits with more information supposedly coming later in the week when Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally is scheduled to give the keynote address on Friday in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). To be continued…

All right, so we won't leave you in that much suspense. The teaser image was sighted on the Ford Electric Vehicles Facebook page. The images on the Facebook page looks like an electric vehicle charging port that has a lite ring that goes all the way around it. The pictures depict the ring around the charging port illuminated in quarter, half, three-quarter and a full circle. However, all we can officially say right now is that the 2012 Ford Focus Electric will pack a 23 kWh battery—just shy of the Nissan LEAF battery capacity. Even with 1 kWh less than the LEAF’s battery the 2012 Ford Focus Electric is estimated to have a similar range to the LEAF with the target number being 100-miles. A number supported by LA4 test cycles.

Bottom line—we can’t wait to hear more about the 2012 Ford Focus Electric and have been waiting since we test drove the prototype in Boulder, Colo. last year. Something interesting you might notice, the charging port is on the side of the car in the pictures, which is unlike the LEAF that has it in the very front of the vehicles nose. Some say this is to prevent costly repairs in the event of a front-end collision. Now there is something to think about until more news hits our desks right here at 


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