Lexus didn’t get as good of a response from debut of the Lexus HS 250h last year as they would have liked, but that seems to have spurred them to make something even better. Let us introduce the all-new Lexus CT 200h. At first glance you might mistake the CT 200h for a Mazdaspeed3, but this car is definitely all Lexus under the hood and inside. One thing is for certain, Lexus is going after a younger demographic with this car with bolder colors, sporty exterior treatment and plenty of technology inside.

For Lexus bold colors have typically been reserved for the IS series of cars, but we are pleased to see them branching out. The addition of color isn’t just for the exterior; they have also made two-tone interiors available in charcoal/caramel and several tones of gray. Don’t get us wrong though, the CT 200h isn’t all about looks, it has a functional and sporty side to it. Like most hybrid vehicles it has an ECO, Normal and Sport mode. According to our partners over at, the Sport mode is where “the CT 200h feels just right.

Sport mode might not give you the best mileage, but sometimes you just want tackle the curves and have some fun and the CT 200h let’s you. Engaging the Sport mode will also change the traction control and stability control settings. Life is all about balance though, so the CT 200h also allows, like the Prius, for drivers to drive short distances on electric power only (up to 23 mph). The vehicle also helps keep the costs down at the pump with an EPA estimated 42/41-mpg city/highway.

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