When you think of L.A. congested traffic, the smog cloud and higher than average gas prices problem are some of the things you think about. Okay, okay, if you are a negative nelly and a car nut. To be fair, you might have thought of Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica Beach and the Music industry—but that wouldn’t have been as good a lead in to the Zero Emissions story coming out of L.A. Harbor. The harbor is becoming the first to lower the tariffs for all zero-emissions vehicles imported into the United States.

The tariff reduction plan was approved by the Board of Harbor Commissioners on Monday. Under the new plan, the current wharfage rates for importing a car into the U.S. would be reduce by 15 percent. This is good news for those looking to bring eco-friendly vehicles through the L.A. Harbor system. The plan was the result of a proposal introduced in May and according to dailybreeze.com was connected to “when Chinese manufacturer BYD Auto Co. announced plans to move the company's North American headquarters to Los Angeles.” The plan is still awaiting final approval from the L.A. City Council, but is expected to pass; if it does maybe the LEAF will get even cheaper…at least for Hollywood buyers.




[Source: dailybreeze.com]