Recently, I went out to the Las Vegas strip to check out the new 2011 Scion tC. Actually, there were quite a few new tCs waiting for us, with each of them outfitted slightly differently. My first impression of the new 2011 Scion tC was that it seemed more aggressive and muscular. That is probably music to the Scion design team’s ears since the company is trying to make the car more masculine to try and appeal to more of the 25-35 buying crowd. Research also shows that female buyers will follow the buying trend, so it is a smart move to appeal to the men and get a portion of the women too.

Currently, we aren’t sure how much of the 2011 Scion tC is all-new and how much of it is a carry over from the last generation. What we do know is that Scion is trying to appeal to a slightly different segment with the new car. They want their average buyer age of 26 years old to stay the same, but they are looking to add other artistic and creative types to their consumer set. Basically, if you are a graphic artist, web designer, animator or entrepreneur Scion wants you to join their community of owners.

It really is a community. Scion puts on over 1,500 events across the U.S. for their owners. For Scion, the car is all about individuality and expression of self. That is why Scion has so many events and why they prefer to participate in grassroots campaigns. This form of marketing also appeals to the target market, which for Scion is their bread and butter, especially with more than 310,000 first generation Scion tC’s on the road.

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