If you have been following us here at AllSmallCars.com for the last year or two you undoubtedly know that we have a love affair with the Mazda Miata. It is one of those sports cars that can just plaster a smile to your face. Maybe it is the roots of the Miata that are deeply seated in the original British MG sports cars of the ‘60s and ‘70s or just that Mazda got the car right the first time 20 years ago. To mark the 20th anniversary of the Miata (MX-5 abroad), Mazda has come out with the Mazda MX-5 Miyako that will go on sale tomorrow, July 1st.

The unfortunate part of this story is that Mazda has no plans to sell this car in the U.S. market according to Inside Line. Of the 500 units being made, all of them will go to the U.K. market. We find the UK a fitting place considering the British Leyland heritage and the popularity of the Miata in that market, but are still saddened by the fact that no one else will get to enjoy an anniversary model. MG used to make the anniversary models available to all markets (a company that had history back to the early ‘20s with “Old No. 1”).

The Miyako edition is named after a Japanese resort and is basically a cosmetic package. It also only comes in one color, Aluminum Silver Metallic, which no doubt plays off of the special color that was introduced for the 1990-year model, which was also silver. The soft top of the Miyako will be Velocity Red Mica and the interior will be outfitted with perforated black leather trim, special badging, floor mats and climate control air con. The exterior will receive front fog lights, 17-inch alloy wheels and a suspension strut brace.

Maybe Mazda will change their mind about the availability in the U.S. market, but for now we will all just have to admire the new anniversary edition from across the pond.



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