We've already driven the 2011 Honda CR-Z, and though it claims to be inspired by the classic Honda CRX, we were left wanting more. But buyers will be able to find out for themselves starting August 24, at a starting price of $19,200.

The CR-Z is billed as a sporty hybrid coupe, but despite the CRX-ish sheetmetal, 122-horsepower hybrid drivetrain, a six-speed manual transmission, and sport-tuned steering feel, we found the car to be more of an "Insight two-door" than a true sports hybrid coupe.

There are downsides to the CR-Z's packaging, too: less space and function due to the lack of back seats and cargo space compared to the Insight, and the sport focus pushes fuel economy down to 31/37 mpg city/highway for the base model or 35/39 mpg with the continuously variable transmission (CVT), down considerably from the 40/43 mpg of the Insight. Whether it'll be able to make a place for itself with all of the less-expensive but similarly-efficient small cars coming to market, including the Mazda2, Ford Fiesta, and Chevrolet Aveo remains to be seen.

Two different trim levels are available on the CR-Z, including the base-spec and the more loaded EX, which can be equipped with navigation and voice recognition in addition to getting an upgraded stereo, leather-wrapped steering wheel and Bluetooth connectivity standard.

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      EPA3 MPG
Model Transmission MSRP1 City/Hwy/Combined
CR-Z 6-Speed Manual $19,200 31/37/34
CR-Z CVT $19,850 35/39/37
CR-Z EX 6-Speed Manual $20,760 31/37/34
CR-Z EX CVT $21,410 35/39/37
CR-Z EX with Navi 6-Speed Manual $22,560 31/37/34
CR-Z EX with Navi CVT $23,210 35/39/37