Everything is going electric these days including the iconic Polaris ATV.  Apparently even backwoods hunters favor eliminating emissions and traveling through the brush without the racket of a gasoline engine ruining their serene adventure.

The electric Polaris ATV moves with silent, swift motions through the brush as the hunter or outdoorsman tracks down their prey.  The stealthy operation of the ATV is certainly an advantage, but silent operation is not all that this Polaris offers.

The Polaris Ranger EV ATV is a midsize, two seater EV that offers the longest range and largest battery pack of any midsize ATV.  Polaris targets the Ranger EV at hunters who wish not to scare away their pray while doing their part to protect the environment.  This ATV is also useful for hunters on limited size lots where excessive noise may upset nearby neighbors.

Not surprisingly, the U.S. military also employs a slightly modified version of the Ranger EV for stealth operations over rough terrain.

Source: AutoBlogGreen