Last September, Europcar, the leading short-term rental car company in Europe, signed an agreement with Renault, with the intention of promoting real-world uses of zero-emissions vehicles. Today, Europcar took a big step in putting their money where their agreement is by pre-ordering 500 of Renault’s electric vehicles. While that’s a tiny fraction of their fleet of more than 225,000 passenger cars and light trucks, Europcar does already offer a range of electric and hybrid vehicles for rent across Europe, which they call their “Green Fleet,” their “car rental with a conscience.”

In today's Renault press release, Chief Operating Officer of Europcar Groupe, Rafael Girona, reinforced Europcar’s commitment to providing what he calls “major advances” in zero-emissions mobility options. “Europcar reaches a decisive point in bringing electric vehicles into the rental market; they will join the eco-friendly fleet that already features on our web sites,” Girona said. In the same statement, Girona elaborated on the specific vehicles they’re purchasing, and when they’ll be available — the Fluence Z.E. and Kangoo Z.E. next year, and the Zoe Z.E. in 2012. The new vehicles will be available for rental use in many of the largest cities in Europe, and then perhaps across the globe.

Source: Renault press release

More information: Europcar website