Roehr Motorcycles, who currently produce the 1250sc based on the Harley Davidson Revolution engine, is now looking to produce electric motorcycles and race in the TTXGP.  They join CRP Racing of Italy, Mavizen and Zero Motorcycles in this first of its kind racing series.

Roehr plans to offer the eSuperbike, which will be the basis for their entry into the TTXGP, and the eSupersport.  The eSuperbike comes with 96 hp, 210 ft-lbs of torque and a high power, 10 kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack.  The eSupersport halves the hp and torque, and provides a 6 kWh battery pack, but still provides a 100 mph top speed with plenty of acceleration.

The bikes fielded in this competition provide a good variety of components and architectures off which additional teams can make more adjustments.  After several races, we should see one or two teams moving away from the pack, offering performance characteristics that will surely make their way into production vehicles.  Zero Motorcycles already walked away with honors and considerable street cred after their debut in France last year.

Best Buy is already an investor / distributor in Brammo, so we should quickly see sponsorship deals emerging to support these teams and their respective systems and components.

[Source: Roehr via Cycle News]