Third-gen Toyota Prius test drive

Third-gen Toyota Prius test drive

Toyota has been getting more than its normal share of complaints from consumers lately from the poorly handled floor mat situation to rusty Tundra frames and now complaints going to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on the 2010 Toyota Prius. It seems that there are some consumers with enough of a concern with the way their 2010 Prius is braking that they have files complaints with the NHTSA. So what's the scoop? Keep reading for the details.

According to Inside Line, The Office of Defects Investigations has received “a few dozen” reports about what consumers consider inadequate braking performance or in other words a brake system defect. The majorities of these reports have been received over the last two months and include complaints of “jerky brakes,” disturbing lag” and recounts of the brakes cutting out for a very brief second.

Toyota seems to be aware of the problem and considering the last recall nightmare, is looking to correct the problem if they find one exists. The Detroit Bureau quoted a Toyota spokesperson as saying, "We are investigating the issue based on internet traffic, customer comments to Toyota Customer Relations, and NHTSA complaints. It is too early to speculate the final conclusion(s) of our investigation and subsequent actions."

More won’t be known until either an official investigation is opened by the NHTSA (which one hasn’t to date) or Toyota publishes a statement addressing the problem. Either way, if you have a newer 2010 Toyota Prius and have been experiencing the same issues, you should get to Toyota Customer Relations and let them know your feedback. The more they know, the faster they can try and solve a problem if it exists.

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