2011 Honda CR-Z leak

2011 Honda CR-Z leak

Honda fan-boys have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the upcoming CR-Z Hybrid for months. The Japanese automaker calls the CR-Z "that place in the universe where sport and efficiency meet."

According to a Japanese brochure leaked to the Temple of VTEC, what many had hoped would be the heir apparent to the much loved CR-X, sounds more like "that place in the universe where slow and efficiency meet."

Honda bets that the new CR-Z will take 9.7 seconds to get to 62 mph. In other words, a 1998 Chevy G1500 cargo van will handily smoke the new hybrid. To be fair, the cargo van won't get you nearly 50 mpg and it doesn't come with a six-speed manual like Honda's two-seater.

The CR-Z's 1.5 liter, four cylinder gas engine will produce 114 hp and 107 lb-ft of torque, while the electric motor will provide an additional 14 hp and 57 lb-ft. LEDs have been incorporated into the headlights and the side mirror indicators. Seven paint colors will be offered in Japan.

On the inside, the driver will be able to choose between three modes: Econ, Normal and Sport. A ring around the speedometer will change color based on the active mode.  The color for "sport" mode is red. That also promises to be the color of each CR-Z driver's face as everything else on the road zooms by.

Source: Temple of VTEC