Recent news reports speculated that Tata plans to produce a hybrid and a full electric version of the Nano and it looks like that will turn out to be true as the company has told management personnel of its decision to go ahead with both vehicles as planned.

The statement came in the form of a report that Tata Motors distributed to its training center called the Tata Management Training Center.  The report is intended to update management personnel in regards to vehicle lines and future models.

Tata has sold a tremendous number of Nano's since its launch.  The unanticipated number of people in line for the Nana has created a waiting list.  Possibly drawn in by the low price, buyers have come in droves to purchase the vehicle.  In an effort to clean up India, Tata has made the decision to produce a hybrid and electric version of the hot selling vehicle.

The company is close to ready with the Indica EV, but that is a much larger, more expensive vehicle.  It will be interesting to see how the company can market an EV based off of a $2,300 vehicle.  What will Tata set the price at for an EV version of the world's cheapest car?   For now we can only speculate, but with internal reports stating that both a hybrid and an electric version of the Nano will be on the way, we will soon find out.

Source:  Edmunds