Destined to reduce their production of the poor selling full-size pickup truck, GM has closed several plants with more to follow.  The 2-mode Hybrid Pickup production has been shifted to Silao, Mexico and the plant is now up and running with the launch of the hybrid pickup resuming just days ago.

Over the course of the last year GM has shut down several pickup truck production facilities including Janesville, WI, Moraine, OH, and Toluca, Mexico, and former site of the hybrid pickup Oshawa, Canada.  Additionally, the site in Pontiac, MI will close down in October.

All of the plant closings point to a shift in production for GM who now aims to makes 19% trucks and 81% cars.  The numbers represent a dramatic shift from a near 50 / 50 split back in 2004.  The shift towards the production of fuel efficient cars will help GM reach upcoming CAFE regulations and reduce their overall output of the poor performing GM full-size truck.

Consumer demand for the truck has dropped off dramatically since July of last year.  The drop in sales can be connected to skyrocketing gas prices at the time and a consumer shift towards fuel economy and practical, less expensive vehicles.

The facility in Silao, Mexico is now the sole facility for production of GM's hybrid trucks.  Sales numbers are meager for the high tech hybrid as the company has only sold 771 hybrid trucks and SUVs last month and only 130 of which were pickup trucks.

Source:  Wards Auto (Login required)