Renault is opening two new lines at its factory in Flins and the tasks of each line couldn't be more different from one another.  One line will destroy old vehicles that create high levels of emissions; the other line will produce zero emissions vehicles.

The first line added at the Flins factory will be used to disassemble end-of life vehicles.  The disassembly process is necessary in order to meet strict upcoming European regulations.  Renault will be responsible for dismantling and recycled parts from vehicles they have sold in the past.

In the same facility, Renault will construct a new line to build its dedicated electric vehicles.  Renault is expected to release their first dedicated, from the ground up designed,  electric car in 2012 and the new line will give them increased capability to meet the expected demand.

The updates to the Flins plant will make them ready for the future of electric cars.  Renault hopes to use the facility to train other Renault workers who need to learn about battery powered advance electric vehicles.

Renault is expected to release their first EV, a four door Megane based vehicle, in 2011.  The vehicle will be released in Israel first, followed by Denmark, and then other countries throughout the world where the Renault-Nissan Alliance formed with governments and utilities to provide means of charging electric vehicles is in place.

Sources:  Wards Auto