Exxon Mobil's Chemical division is currently manufacturing lithium ion battery separator films by a new method which could make batteries lighter, more durable, and smaller.  The thin film is designed to prevent the positive and negative fields within the lithium ion battery from touching.

The company has teamed up with an affiliate Tonen Chemical Corporation to produce the films.  The separator films are produced using a breakthrough, in house process that creates heat resistant polymers and better permeability.  The end result is a film, which according to the company, ensures consistent separator quality.

As Vice President of Exxon Mobil Jim Harris said, "Separator quality and safety and supply reliability are critical considerations for battery and automotive manufacturers to support the rapidly developing HEV and EV market.  Producing these separators on our commercial lines positions us well to meet the growing market needs."

The new manufacturing process that could make batteries both lighter and more durable is on display at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference in Long Beach.  The Conference runs through May 18th.

Source:  Exxon Mobil