The people powered car company makes another debut just in time for Earth Day 2009. HumanCar, a company with an inspiration to make and sell electric cars that are supplemented by human power, has released their new design the Imagine PS.

The Imagine PS is classified as a NEV.  The vehicle will be featured throughout the week on the Discovery Channel's Daily Planet program in Canada.

What exactly is a human powered car?  Before you think about the Flintstones and your feet providing the power, here's a little background into how the vehicle works.

The Imagine Ps is powered by two permanent magnet DC motors that drive the rear wheels of the vehicle.  That is augmented by a lead acid battery pack that can be recharged from a household outlet.  The vehicle has a range that is predicted by how much work you want do to.  Once the batteries are depleting, the driver can provide additional power by rowing oar like handles attached to each seat.

The vehicle has a top speed of 35 miles per hour and a limitless range if you really want a work out.  The benefit of all the work that you put into the car in creating electricity can then be used to power items like your fridge once you car is back at home.  Low on energy, row to your hearts desire and cut down on your utility costs at home.  Sounds at least a bit intriguing.

HumanCar is taking reservations for the Imagine PS online at this time.  The Imagine has a base price of $15,500 and is expected to go into production later this year.  Options such as a nickel metal hydride battery pack and more powerful AC motors cost up to an additional $10,000.  These options are considered performance options.

Marketing execs at HumanCar claim to have found the perfect solution for two problems.  The vehicle reduces our dependency on foreign oil and reduces greenhouse gases while at the same time keeping its drivers healthy by providing them with a simple means of dail exercise. 

A car that keeps you healthy just be driving it!  Sign me up.  It could put in end to obesity in the U.S.  We used to think that a car is only a form of travel from point A to Point B