Honda Insight Headlight Ad

Honda Insight Headlight Ad

As the Honda Insight nears its launch, advertisements touting its green cred are about to hit the airwaves. Starting in Belgium tomorrow and throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia thereafter, a new TV commercial called, "Let it Shine," will air. The theme of the commercial is that "Everyone wants to be good." (Is Oprah in the house?)

The ad starts with what seems like a giant LED screen projecting feel-good images of hugs, kisses and frowns changing to smiles. As the animations continue, the viewer realizes that what looked like an LED screen is actually hundreds of Honda Insight headlamps. All the while, a version of "This Little Light of Mine," by Berend Dubbe is playing in the background.

Before you jump at the hypocrisy of Honda using hundreds of vehicles to advertise a hybrid car, consider this: only a few Insights were actually used. The miracles of computer modeling and several hundred Insight headlights made a few cars look like hundreds. If that's not satisfying enough for the hardcore greenie, Honda offset the carbon output of filming by purchasing carbon credits through the Carbon-Neutral Company's Unity Portfolio.

Should we expect anything else from the world's greenest automaker?

Source: Honda via Autoblog