With the release of Consumer Reports annual auto issue comes an announcement that the current Toyota Prius Touring model is the best overall value amongst new cars.  For the first time ever, Consumer Reports published a new category to include the best values among new car and the Toyota Prius recieved the overall victory in the category.

This new car value category takes into account many different aspects of vehicle ownership.  Consumer Reports looks at a total ownership cost over a five year period of time and adds in a road test score to assign a value to each vehicle.  The Prius came out ahead due in part to a low fuel cost and a high resale value.

Though the exact details surrounding the score for each vehicle are complex to explain, Consumer Reports take into account depreciation, cost of financing, fuel economy, cost of insurance, maintenance and repair costs, and sales tax.  They takes these numbers and add them to the road test score results to achieve a final rating for a new car value category.

Vehicles are assigned a certain number of points based on the findings listed above and then are given a cost per point.  The Prius comes in at only $325 per point.  The lower the cost per point, the better the value.  Other top models scored between $330 and $350 a point. 

The Prius has an ownership cost of just $26,250 over the course of five years.  The Prius also scored a high roadt test score of 80 points out of 100 possible points.

Along with the Prius Touring Model, four other hybrid vehicles were included in the top new car value list including the top three vehicles in the familar car segment.  The high rated new vehicle values that are hybrid vehicles include the Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Prius (base), Honda Civic Hybrid,  and the Toyota Highlander Hybrid.

This category of new car value created by Consumer Reports, allows buyers to find vehicles that offer the most for their money.  Buyers can search the lists to find vehicles that offer good road characteristics, low depreciation, and relaibile vehicles.  Consumer Reports has combined all major aspects associated with value when buying a new car into one easily recognizable score to help future car buyers.

Source:  Press Release Consumer Reports