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Eric Evarts has been bringing topical insight to readers on energy, the environment, technology, transportation, business, and consumer affairs for 25 years. He has spent most of that time in bustling newsrooms at The Christian Science Monitor and Consumer Reports, but his articles have appeared widely at outlets such as the journal Nature Outlook,, US News & World Report, AAA, and and Alternet. He can tell readers how to get the best deal and avoid buying a lemon, whether it’s a used car or a bad mortgage. Along the way, he has driven more than 1,500 new cars of all types, but the most interesting ones are those that promise to reduce national dependence on oil, and those that improve the environment. Well, OK, compared to some old jalopy they might replace.


Pumped hydro could deliver 100 percent renewable electricity

Pumped hydro could deliver 100 percent renewable electricity

Achieving 100 percent renewable power, as Congressional Democrats' Green New Deal and other proposals around the world envision, will require a lot of energy storage. And while the cost and availability of a storage batteries has made significant progress lately, they may not be the best solution...

April 3, 2019
Lightning Strike

Lightning Strikes twice with second, affordable electric motorcycle

Great as the bike may be, the best thing about the new Lightning Strike electric motorcycle may be its name. Perhaps in an effort to beat the Harley-Davidson LiveWire... read more April 2, 2019

Grove Hydrogen Automotive fuel-cell car

Chinese fuel-cell cars, lithium-ion battery growth, EPA and health: Today's Car News

A Chinese hydrogen company introduces its own line of fuel-cell cars. A Texas startup plans to make motors more efficient. A report shows more battery production coming... read more April 1, 2019

Lithium-ion battery cells

Lithium battery production set to grow 50 percent a year

One of the biggest upcoming challenges for electric cars is having an adequate supply of lithium batteries. A new report by Benchmark Minerals, first cited by CleanTechnica... read more April 1, 2019

Linear Labs Hunstable Electric Turbine motor

New electric motor could eliminate transmissions

Update: This article has been updated to clarify some technical details as well as the overall cost savings of the Hunstable electric machine. It isn’t just batteries... read more April 1, 2019

Grove Hydrogen Automotive fuel-cell car

Grove launches hydrogen fuel-cell car brand in China

China is the world's largest market for cars—especially electric cars. The country has even announced that at some point in the future it will ban internal combustion... read more April 1, 2019

EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler

EPA panel questions health effects of air pollution

It isn't just global warming emissions that the EPA plans to deregulate. At a meeting last Thursday, a key air quality standards board at the agency cast doubt on... read more April 1, 2019


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