Toyota FCV-R Concept

  • 2016 Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan

    Cars sold in the U.S. have to meet certain safety regulations in order to ensure their legality on U.S. roads. Unfortunately for Toyota, one of those safety regulations for electric vehicles would prevent its upcoming fuel-cell sedan from driving after even a small fender-bender--so the company is seeking exemption for the vehicle. According to Bloomberg, rule FMVSS No.305 requires automakers to isolate high-voltage parts in electric cars in the event of an accident. The aim is to make the car safe for occupants and first-responders should the vehicle be involved in a crash. Toyota though...

  • Toyota FCV hydrogen fuel cell vehicle prototype during hot-weather endurance testing in N America
    Toyota To Start Fuel Cell Vehicle Production In December

    Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will go into production ahead of schedule, with production planned for mid-December 2014. Sales will also begin "by the end of the year" reports Japan Times (via Autoblog), ahead of Toyota's original on-sale date some time in 2015. No reason has been given for...

  • Toyota FCV hydrogen fuel cell vehicle prototype during cold-weather endurance testing in N America
    Toyota FCV Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Test Cars, Concept Shown At CES

    Toyota revealed a bit more about its plans to offer a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle for sale next year, at a press event held today at the opening of the huge Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company sounded a confident note on the prospects for electric vehicles that use power generated...

  • Toyota FCV concept, 2013 Tokyo Motor Show
    Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars Price-Competitive With Electrics By 2030, Toyota Says

    Toyota hopes advances in design and parts sharing will cut the cost of fuel-cell vehicles.

  • Toyota FCV concept, Tokyo Motor Show 2013
    Toyota Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car: 2013 Tokyo Motor Show Preview

    Toyota is serious about hydrogen fuel cell cars, and to prove it the company will unveil a new fuel cell concept at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Called the FCV, Toyota's new concept is the clearest hint at what its fuel cell production car--due in 2015--might look like. It's certainly less...

  • Toyota FCV-R concept, 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show
    Toyota Prototype Of Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car Shown To Journalists

    Toyota has given a small selection of journalists their first taste of prototypes of its long-awaited hydrogen fuel-cell production car--and driving impressions are beginning to surface. The Japanese automaker has shown off hydrogen concepts for some time, most prominent of which is the FCV-R...

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