• Yamaha Motiv city car concept

    The Smart Fortwo is a car that heavily divides opinion. In the U.S, it's been less than successful. Sales have been much better in Europe, but even so other manufacturers have hardly rushed out to release competitors for the two-seat city car. Until now, that is. We revealed initial details of Yamaha's Motiv not so long ago, a car co-developed with ex-F1 and McLaren road car designer Gordon Murray. Drivetrain details weren't revealed with the initial announcement, but now there are more details available on the car's electric powertrain, making the car a perfect natural rival for the Smart...

  • Gordon Murray Design T25 Minicar
    Gordon Murray's City Cars, iStream Production Soon A Reality?

    Lackluster sales of cars like the Smart Fortwo have illustrated that the market for really tiny cars still doesn't really exist in the U.S, but elsewhere things are quite different. In some European or far-Eastern cities, size--or lack of it--is everything. Those are the markets the T25 and T27...

  • Gordon Murray Design T25 Minicar
    Tiny T25, T27 Three-Seat Minicars Delight To Drive, But Not For U.S.

    We've been closely following the progress of Gordon Murray's T25 and T27 minicars for some time now, and like many green vehicles of recent years, they've often seemed so near and yet so far away. However, unlike some of the more recent startups, Gordon Murray has been keeping his cards close to...

  • The open road
    Five Electric Cars We Can't Wait To Drive

    In recent months we've been lucky enough to get our hands on several different and important electric cars, be they range-extended EVs such as the 2011 Chevrolet Volt, electric family cars like the 2011 Nissan Leaf or even the 2011 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, a compact electric microcar most at...

  • BMW Megacity Vehicle official teaser
    From The Fastest To The Greenest: BMW F1 Expertise For EVs

    "Racing improves the breed". So said the late Soichiro Honda, believing that the lessons learned on the racing cars and motorcycles could be used to improve the marque's road vehicles. The evidence is plain to see. Technologies such as anti-lock brakes, traction control, unibody chassis...

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