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  • Plug'n Drive Education Center Toronto

    Breaking with routine and tradition is never easy, especially when it comes to buying, owning, and operating a vehicle powered by an internal-combustion engine. Around the world, roughly 1 billion vehicle owners stop at fuel stations and keep cars powered by fossil fuels running—and have done for a century now. Inevitably, it will take more than a few brief advertisements to help consumers understand electric cars. DON'T MISS: Go Forth Electric Vehicle Showcase in Portland: lessons learned Thankfully, various organizations have undertaken this daunting task to educate shoppers and help...

  • 2012 Chevrolet Volt
    2013 Chevrolet Volt: The Ideal Retirement Car?

    Imagine the following scenario: you and your partner are rapidly approaching retirement, looking to downsize your car, and trying to plan for your financial future. You’re ready to buy a new car, but you want something that’s relatively green and cheap to run. Could the 2013 Chevrolet...

  • 2012 Toyota Prius C, drive event, La Jolla, CA, Feb 2012
    2012 Toyota Prius C: Price-Gouging Pic Proves Popularity Of 50MPG Hybrid

    The 2012 Toyota Prius C is probably the most anticipated hybrid of 2012, and offers subcompact style and hybrid gas mileage. It’s no surprise then that Toyota has already had to up production volumes in Japan, where the Prius C is currently made. But if the photograph we received this week...

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