• Proterra Catalyst electric bus

    The laws of physics tend to be immutable, at least until you get into esoteric disciplines like quantum science. In the case of electric vehicles, one law provides that higher energy capacity in a battery allows a vehicle to travel further. That's the principle electric-bus maker Proterra has used to set a new world record for distance traveled by an electric transit bus on a single battery charge. DON'T MISS: BMW venture arm invests in U.S. electric-bus maker Proterra The company said today that on September 4, a 40-foot Proterra transit bus traveled 1,101 miles at the low speed of 15 miles...

  • Proterra Catalyst electric bus
    One third of new transit buses will be electric in 2020, all by 2030: Proterra CEO

    While electric cars continue to establish a beachhead in the consumer market, electric buses are making quick inroads with U.S. city transit authorities. Several companies already manufacture electric buses, which now operate in several cities around the country. But the CEO of electric-bus maker...

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