• Teaser for 2018 Nissan Leaf debuting on September 6, 2017

    No, the new 2018 Nissan Leaf electric car isn't going to have only a single pedal—despite at least one headline late yesterday claiming that. Honest. But the "e-Pedal" in the next generation of Nissan's highest-volume plug-in vehicle does offer some interesting new features. DON'T MISS: Latest 2018 Nissan Leaf teaser shows ProPilot Assist self-driving capability One of those is the ability to provide what's known as "one-pedal driving" (hence the confusion among uninformed journalists). As the 58-second video above notes, drivers of the 2018 Leaf can use the accelerator pedal to...

  • 52 prototype x pedals
    What IS 'one-pedal driving' in an electric car?

    One-pedal driving is rather like the experience of owning an electric car: it can be hard to appreciate until you've spend time doing it. The phrase "one-pedal driving" refers to the ability of some electric cars to be driven almost entirely with the accelerator pedal alone. It's a feature much...

  • 2015 Kia Soul EV First Drive  -  Portland  -  November 2014
    2015 Kia Soul EV Electric Car Recalled For Fragile Accelerator Pedal

    The 2015 Kia Soul EV is being recalled for an accelerator pedal that could break when pushed hard.

  • Tesla Model S in Albuquerque's 'snowstorm' during NY-to-California road trip  [photo: David Noland]
    Tesla Model S Double-Pedal Behavior Still Inconsistent: A Safety Plea To Elon Musk

    Last summer, I wrote an article patting Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk on the back for being so responsive to Model S electric-car owners. Of whom I am one. But in 2015? Not so much. I ended that article with a plea to Musk for a safety upgrade on the Model S: a firmware change to cut off power to the...

  • 2013 Tesla Model S electric sport sedan [photo by owner David Noland]
    Life With Tesla Model S: UPDATE On Pedal Placement Problem

    Two days ago, I described in this article a frightening incident in my Tesla Model S. Approaching a downhill intersection, I inadvertently stepped on both the brake and accelerator pedals simultaneously. The car barely slowed, and it appeared I was headed for a collision with another car...

  • CitiBike NYC racks in Manhattan, by Margaret Bedore (CC 3.0)
    Renewable 'Pedal Power' To Light Times Square Ball Tonight

    Never let it be said that New York City doesn't get everything it can out of its 50 million-plus tourist visitors each year. In this case, it's pedal-powered energy to offset the roughly 50 kilowatt-hours of electricity consumed by the famous lighted ball that drops to signal the New Year. Times...

  • Wrecked Toyota Prius owned by Elizabeth James, photo by Ted James, from Houston Press

    Let's recap. After 18 months, recalls totaling 9 million Toyota, Lexus, and Pontiac models, and investigations by Toyota, Congress, NASA, and the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) unit ... what have we learned? (1) A few accelerator pedals did stick open, for one of two very different reasons. First, some dealers or owners fitted unapproved floor mats that were too thick, which could prevent the accelerator from returning to its usual position. In the case of the horrifying and highly publicized crash of a Lexus that sped along a...

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