• Porsche Boxster E electric car prototype

    The Michelin Challenge Bibendum is an annual event run by the French tire company aimed at promoting the development of sustainable mobility. At this year’s event in the German capital of Berlin Porsche rolled out its Boxster E electric car prototype, revealing a few more saucy details about its testing schedule and zero-emission future. Porsche is currently testing three different Boxster E prototypes as part of the “Model Region Electro-Mobility Stuttgart” large-scale trial to explore the everyday practicality of electric cars and how they are used, especially in terms of...

  • Fiat FCC II Concept, 2010 Michelin Challenge Bibendum
    Challenge Bibendum: 7 Cars from The Sustainable Future

    The Challenge Bibendum brings the sustainable-mobility world together every year or so--though sometimes, the 2010 edition of the Bibendum didn't come together as quickly as planned. It's a long way from North America to South America, after all. On day one, our travel group was cleaved in half by...

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