Mercedes-Benz M Class News

  • 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLK Class (GLK250 BlueTEC)

    Mercedes-Benz is recalling certain E-Class, GLK-Class, and M-Class BlueTec diesel models.

  • 2012 Mercedes-Benz ML350 BlueTec
    2012 Mercedes-Benz ML350 BlueTec: Diesel Priced Right

    Mercedes-Benz has made the ML350 BlueTec diesel an affordable upgrade from the gasoline variant. Will a payback of under four years appeal to consumers?

  • Pope Benedict XVI (via PacificCoastNews)
    Pope Benedict XVI Gets Charged, Blesses Electric Cars

    He’s the Pontiff to over 1.6 billion people worldwide. But until now, His Holiness The Pope has attended appointments in his fleet of heavily modified and heavily armored Mercedes SUVs. But the Vatican told the press earlier to day that His Holiness was keen to partake of the pleasures of...

  • 2010 Mercedes-Benz ML450 Hybrid
    Mercedes-Benz Diesels And Hybrids: Green Goodness, Slow Sales?

    Mercedes-Benz offers a clean-diesel Bluetec version of each of its large utility vehicles, the R-Class, GL-Class, and M-Class, along with a Hybrid version of the ML. But even combined, the standard gasoline versions of these vehicles are still far ou

  • 2010 Nissan Altima Hybrid
    Green-Car Tip: Hybrid Vehicles Get Discounts, Incentives Too

    While the auto industry in general offers an average incentive of more than $1,000 off the sticker price of any new vehicle, many buyers somehow assume this doesn't apply to hybrids. Oh, but it does. You can get money off pretty much any hybrid out there at the moment, since gasoline prices are far...

  • 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show GM Car Hero
    2009 Los Angeles Auto Show: Preview

    Only a handful of U.S. auto shows count as important. Detroit, in January, is one; historically, New York in April has been another. But the up-and-comer is the Los Angeles Auto Show, which now occurs in late November or early December and focuses on green cars of all stripes: hybrids, electric...

  • Silverado Hybrid Badge

    The Two-Mode Hybrid project was hailed as a model of technical cooperation when it was announced five years ago. But now the partners are going their separate ways, and the complex hybrid system may end up solely as a General Motors technology. GM said in late 2004 it would partner with Daimler and Chrysler (then a single company) to develop a shared hybrid system for sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks, derived from a larger system designed for GM transit buses. BMW signed on in September 2005. The system is made up of an electric continuously variable transmission (eCVT) containing two...

  • 2010 Mercedes-Benz ML450 Hybrid
    Preview: 2010 Mercedes-Benz ML450 Hybrid

    While Mercedes-Benz has focused its first green marketing efforts on the undeniably impressive 2010 Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid, it was joined by a second hybrid Benz that went on sale earlier this month after previewing in April at the New York Auto Show. The 2010 Mercedes-Benz ML450 Hybrid brings...

  • 2010 Mercedes-Benz ML450 Hybrid
    Is Mercedes-Benz Moving Away From the Two-Mode Hybrid?

    Although neither system has reached the market, Mercedes-Benz may be opting to develop its mild-hybrid technology rather than the shared Two-Mode system

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