• Audi solar powered EV charging station

    Audi is demonstrating the use of solar energy for future mobility by converting the roof of one of its factories in Ingolstadt, Germany to solar panels. Here, Audi e-tron models will in future have their batteries charged with current obtained directly from the photovoltaic equipment installed on the roof. If you have been living under a rock for the past year, Audi uses the e-tron name for its electric vehicles, the first of which will be the R8 e-tron due in 2012. Similar to its quattro labeling, Audi's new electric vehicles will wear an e-tron badge, signifying that the cars are running an...

  • Audi R8 e-tron concept to run 2010 Silvretta EV rally
    Audi Establishes New Research Center For EV Development

    Electric vehicle development is quickly proving to be a worldwide effort, with companies and research institutes from across the globe and in varying industries and fields forming partnerships and alliances in order to accelerate the roll out of zero-emission electric vehicles. Audi is one of the...

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