• Kids buckled up in the back seat

    If you’re a parent preparing for that long-distance Thanksgiving trip with your kids, you’re probably dreading the fights, arguments and general boredom that accompanies a road trip. But while you’re probably packing enough electronic gadgetry and Disney films into your car to keep Best Buy stocked for the first few hours of the Black Friday sales, you may want to read on for our own green-themed road-trip game the whole family can enjoy. We’ve included three versions to cater for different ages and trip lengths. Game 1: spot a green car Before you leave head to the...

  • Nissan website 'The Planet Zero'
    Nissan Envisions A Green Utopia In 'Planet Zero' Game: Video

    Have a few minutes to kill this Friday? Enjoy online games? Then you might like a walkthrough of Nissan's newest project, a "game-style promotion website" called "The Planet Zero". Nissan's website envisions a planet where everything runs on electricity generated by the sun and wind, and thus...

  • Tesla Roadster - Gran Turismo 5
    Gran Turismo Game Goes Green: Virtual Electric Cars

    Depending on your demographic, the new PlayStation 3 Gran Turismo 5 (GT5) video game is either your single most essential purchase this year, or a completely baffling piece of technology that you'll probably never buy. Ironically, the same could be said for the current wave of electric cars we've...

  • Prius Online fantasy game, screenshot by CNN.com.
    Baby Dies While Parents Play Obsessively With Prius Online

    We know that Prius owners love their cars. Sometimes they talk endlessly about them, their great fuel efficiency, how cool the all-electric mode is, and so forth. But could you get so enthusiastic about Prius that you'd let your own child starve to death? Good. We didn't think so. And, no, it's not...

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