Future Car Challenge

  • Jaguar XJ_e prototype

    The greenest Jaguar we've driven here on GreenCarReports is the European-market XF 2.2D, but the smooth, economical diesel certainly isn't the limit of what Jaguar can achieve. Despite cutting a significantly larger figure on the road, the Jaguar XJ_e plug-in hybrid makes the fuel-sipping XF look like a positive gas-guzzler. For that reason, it's the perfect car to enter the annual RAC Future Car Challenge, taking place in London this November. The Future Car Challenge showcases the best of green vehicle technology, with everything from hybrids and electric vehicles to fuel-cell cars taking...

  • 2011 Future Car Challenge Participants
    Future Car Challenge Won By Gordon-Murray T27 Electric Car

    It may have just three seats, look like something from a science-fiction movie and have a forward-hinging front door, but the Gordon-Murray T27 Electric Car has just won the 2011 Future Car Challenge. Held the day before the vintage vehicle run open to pre-1906 cars that has taken place between...

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