Flying Car

  • Terrafugia prototype in flight

    Sometimes a hybrid is more than a hybrid. The Terrafugia uses a hybrid powertain as it drives down the road. It's also a hybrid car and airplane. Even in the sky, it can make use of hybrid power. Terrafugia started in 2005 and designed what observers have called a "flying car," and it plans to put its vehicle into production by the end of next year, says Josh Elvander, the company's vice president of engineering. He prefers to call the Terrafugia a "roadable aircraft." It can't land or take off on streets, and has to use an airport. The advantage of the Terrafugia's roadability is its ability...

  • Lilium Jet VTOL concept
    Lilium all-electric vertical takeoff and landing jet: first flight video

    The promise of flying cars has been around for decades, and companies continues to show off their interpretations of what the public may expect in the future. Lilium is one of many companies promising a world of efficient, speedy, and personal air transportation—and now the project has...

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