• Patent drawing for Dyson electric car due in 2021

    Dyson, the maker of snazzy, high-tech vacuum cleaners, has said for two years that it will build electric cars starting in 2020. Now the company has released patent drawings that give a hint of what at least the first one may look like. READ THIS: Dyson plans to build its electric car in Singapore The drawings show a long, low crossover SUV—call it a wagon if you must—reminiscent of the former Mercedes-Benz R-Class or the original version of the Chrysler Pacifica. It shows three rows of forward facing seats in a relatively low-slung body that should allow it to move plenty of...

  • Path projection system for self-driving cars
    Dyson gets serious, charging with AI, Ghosn resigns: Today's Car News

    Americans are taking climate change more seriously, and a majority think the government should do something about it, two new studies show. A startup company thinks it has a software hack to help electric-car batteries charge faster. And Nissan's Carlos Ghosn has resigned as Chairman and CEO of...

  • Roland Krueger
    Vacuum-maker Dyson hires Infiniti exec to get serious about making cars

    Dyson, famous for reinventing vacuum cleaners, looks to be getting serious about building electric cars. The company announced on Tuesday it has hired former Infiniti President Roland Krueger to head its automotive operations. Under Krueger's tenure, Infiniti, Nissan's luxury brand, announced that...

  • Dyson Automotive Manufacturing facility  -  Singapore  -  rendering
    Dyson plans to build its electric car in Singapore

    Dyson, the British maker of premium vacuum cleaners, aims to enter the electric-car arena—and it’s chosen Singapore as the global assembly site. The company confirmed that its board has ratified the decision for the company itself to construct what it calls a “purpose-built...

  • Dyson Hullavington campus for electric car development
    Dyson plans to build electric-car test track in Britain

    In another step to show it's serious about building an electric car, Dyson, the British vacuum-cleaner maker, has laid out plans to build a test track in Britain. Reuters reported Thursday that Dyson plans to build a vehicle test track at a former World War II airfield in Wiltshire, England, to go...

  • James Dyson with digital motors  [image: Dyson]
    Three Dyson electric cars on the drawing board: report

    While Dyson may be best known worldwide for high-tech vacuum cleaners, the company has a strong affinity for what the British call "boffins," which roughly translates to "eccentric genius inventors." With a slight resemblance to Doc Brown of "Back to the Future" (as played by Christopher Lloyd)...

  • James Dyson

    Dyson, the British appliance company best known for its bagless vacuum cleaners, has cleared up speculation that has persisted for nearly 10 years. Founder and chief engineer James Dyson officially confirmed his company is developing an electric car and is planning for a 2020 launch. Not only has Dyson had 400 employees working on an electric car, but the project has drawn some high-profile names. DON'T MISS: Dyson electric car plans revealed by U.K. government filings Executives from both Aston Martin and Tesla have left their positions to join Dyson. Earlier this year, Dyson hired Ricardo...

  • James Dyson with digital motors  [image: Dyson]
    Dyson walks away from (three) Sakti3 solid-state battery patents: updated

    Just 18 months after its $90m acquisition of Sakti3, the British consumer-products company Dyson is taking a step back. Dyson has chosen to relinquish its rights to three patents co-owned by the company that were part of the core intellectual property of the Michigan based start-up company. Its...

  • James Dyson with digital motors  [image: Dyson]
    Dyson electric car plans revealed by U.K. government filings

    The U.K. government is helping to fund a Dyson electric-car project, documents reveal.

  • James Dyson with digital motors  [image: Dyson]
    Dyson Buys Solid-State Battery Startup Sakti3 For $90 Million

    Dyson, the U.K. company famous for its bagless vacuum cleaners, has acquired solid-state battery company Sakti3 in a deal worth $90 million. The news comes just seven months after Dyson announced a $15 million investment in the company, a spin-out from the University of Michigan. Sakti3 represented...

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