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  • Dubai Roads and Transit Authority to test Next Future Transportation NX1 autonomous electric pods

    There are cars and trucks, and then there are trains and buses. While multi-seat vans and wagons can serve the purpose of buses carrying multiple unrelated people, a California company has come up with an entirely new concept. The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority announced yesterday it would test what maker Next Future Corporation calls the world's first autonomous electric transport pods. DON'T MISS: Electric-car incentives added in, remarkably, oil-rich Dubai Running in dedicated lanes, the NX1 pods are intended for short- and medium-distance trips. Pods can couple themselves together...

  • 2017 Tesla Model X
    Oil-rich Dubai adds a fleet of Uber Tesla electric cars

    Dubai, the second largest sheikdom in the United Arab Emirates, rose to riches thanks to abundant oil. With some of the lowest fuel prices in the world, SUVs and inefficient vehicles roam the flashy Emirati city en masse. However, ride-sharing service Uber is now bucking tradition by letting users...

  • Hyperloop One concept drawing for system bridging Abu Dhabi and Dubai
    Electric-car incentives added in, remarkably, oil-rich Dubai

    Dubai, the second largest sheikdom in the United Arab Emirates, has introduced new incentives in an attempt to make electric cars more desirable. Battery-electric and plug-in vehicles often go overlooked in the oil-rich area, but even some of the world's largest crude-oil producers plan to reduce...

  • 2017 Tesla Model S
    Tesla to sell 200 electric cars to Dubai taxi service

    If you wanted to start a green taxi service—and had ample funds to do so—Tesla electric cars would seem to be a good choice. The Model S and Model X offer plenty of interior space and range, and their popularity would like raise the profile of any taxi service using them. So perhaps...

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