Corbin Sparrow

  • Corbin Sparrows

    Amidst a throng of new launches over the past few years and a host of new models to come, some electric cars from days gone by have disappeared into obscurity. Some are surprisingly recent, others have been dead for years, but all are easily forgotten. Unless you own one, of course... Ford Ranger EV The biggest gains can be made with the least efficient vehicles, and though the Ranger has never been as gas-guzzling as its bigger F-Series siblings, an electric version is certainly as clean as it's ever got. It wasn't alone either--several companies experimented briefly with electric pickups...

  • Corbin Sparrow 2 Single Seat Electric Car
    Corbin Tries To Resurrect Sparrow Electric Car. Would Anyone Care?

    Back in the mid 1990s, a motorcycle seat salesman by the name of Mike Corbin turned up at the San Francisco Auto Show with a single seat, three wheeled electric car that resembled a boot on wheels. But while Corbin experienced an initial spike of interest from curious consumers and international...

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